Every season in our lives brings new challenges and change but moving can be especially difficult both physically and emotionally as you get older. Our job is to help our client’s right size for whatever season they are in. It’s not just one individual helping to make decisions but it is accessing a network of professionals that assist in making every transition a smooth one from consulting with physical therapists in developing an “Age in Place Plan”, to hiring the appropriate movers, realtors, and decorators. Providing assistance in a compassionate manner so that a change or move includes a nod to old memories but without the clutter. 

Some of Our Services:


  • In-home consultation to determine what should be done to either assist individuals make the necessary changes to remain in their home or develop a strategy to move to a more suitable location. More importantly, provide communication for the entire family throughout the process.

Organizing and Rightsizing:

  • Provide gentle guidance in sorting items to either keep, sell, donate or send to family members.
  • Make the necessary arrangements to either ship, sell, or donate unwanted items.
  • Coordinate the services of professionals to make necessary modifications according to an “Age In Place” plan.
  • Develop a floor plan either in a new setting or to accommodate new needs in a current setting.
  • Interview and schedule movers.


  • Packing for the move.
  • Supervising movers.
  • Unpacking and setting up the new home according to a pre-approved plan layout with attention to preserving the client’s style in their new home.
  • Re-establishing utilities and other services.

Other Services: 

  • Interview and find the right professionals i.e. Realtors, Carpenters, Cleaning Crew, etc.
  • Provide shopping services to help accommodate needs in a new setting.
  • Prepare and stage a home for sale.
  • Coordinate services related to the dissolution of an estate.